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Wayback When

Words and music by Robbie Smith

Follow a secret passageway
To a place where I keep my yesterdays –
To a room where children’s music plays –
In a place called “Wayback When”;

Oh, the hands on the clock they clap with joy
As a little toy drummer makes some noise –
The world was safe for girls and boys
And can be once again.

I was always busy – always in a hurry,
Take a look in my diary – my pages are all empty…

Won’t you come along for the ride?
Dim the lights – I’ll show some slides –
In every one my childhood hides
And wants to come alive;

Hallowe’en masks, electric trains,
Hula hoops and daisy chains –
The past is dust but the thought remains
Just waiting to be revived…

If only for an evening I want to be young once more
Dreaming and believing In the things I once believed before…

Drop a coin in my piggybank
And I’ll show you to my goldfish tank
Where my favourite battleship sailed and sank
At least a hundred times;

Liquorice pipes and party cones –
You were Watson, I was Holmes –
Detecting clues with fine tooth combs
We solved about a hundred crimes…

If only for an evening I want to be young once more
Dreaming and believing in the things I once believed before
(I went and became a man)

See those marks beside the door
Where I measured my height in days of yore
They start at three feet off the floor
And end right about here;

Everything tasted sweeter then
How I love to visit “Wayback When”
But Yesterday has reached its end
And Tomorrow’s drawing near…

Wave goodbye, wave goodbye to “Wayback When” – wave goodbye
Thinking of “Wayback when”
Ooh-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooh you know I’m thinking of “Wayback When”
Thinking of Wayback When…”Wayback When”.