Live Performance Reviews

From Jay Pilzer, Nashville songwriter and author of “A Six String History of America”
“The love that The Twins have for their music, their heritage, and their audience comes through in every song they sing and tale they tell.”

Union Alley Coffee House

From the Union Alley Coffee House, Washington, NC
What a wonderful show!  You two are fantastic, and I am so glad you came to visit Union Alley Coffeehouse.  The crowd loved you.  In fact, one of our members said flat out that “This was the best show we have ever had in here!”
Thank you, and come again!
Linda Boyer

Pre-show mingling at The Plantation Club, Savannah

 From the Plantation Club, Skidaway Island, Savannah
Absolutely terrific!! Head and shoulders with the greats of the folk era, PP&M included! Fantastic guitar, melody, harmony, lyrics, beat, and wonderful voices all coming together to make REAL MUSIC ! Rare and wonderful!!!
Beth Mowry


Backing up Jay Aymar at the “All Natural House Concert Series”

From Touring Musician Jay Aymar
Kathleen and Rob, it was great playing with you over the weekend and I was really taken with your beautiful harmonies and songs. I’ve been on a Roger Whitaker kick lately and will seek out the songs of Robbie’s that Roger made famous from a few years ago. I think my favourite of them all is Crowd Pleasers among many, many other excellent songs in the repertoire.
All the best.

From Joanna Mintzer MA in Vermont:
I am enthralled with your singing, harmony and lyrics. Your dinner concert was the highlight of our visit to Nova Scotia. Thank you.

From an audience member attending a performance at The Osprey Arts Center, Shelburne, NS
First and foremost, I must tell you how much we enjoyed the concert last evening. What a joy to be taking a bit of Nova Scotia home with us in your CDs!

From the Trellis Cafe in Hubbards:
“Naming the Twins is a fabulous feast of musical harmony. Kathleen and Robbie have a repertoire of music that includes old favourites and a blend of original tunes that woo memories of the 60’s and 70’s. Robbie’s superb guitar skills stopped us dead in our tracks. This duo understands entertainment and how to embrace their audience. A new Trellis Café musical favourite!”
Wilma Raaymakers & Dennis Mansour

From two audience members at Lane’s Privateers:
Guys, you were AWESOME! We enjoyed the night at Lanes SO much. Too bad you didn’t have “an out-of-body experience” so that you could sit at a table and get to watch yourselves…! You would have have been very happy because you offered a lot of great music and super talent. You commanded our attention with your friendly talk and comments, too. You had the “stage presence” going on throughout your whole show. We are pleased that we battled the rain storm in our neck of the county and drove in to Liverpool last night. Thanks for the entertainment, Kathleen and Robbie!!
Alex and Marie

From a fellow musician:
I’ve been in this business from a lot of different ends and you guys have the nicest sound I’ve heard locally in years. Refreshing absolutley refreshing!!!
-Caithleen Carter Steeves

From a house concert host in Halifax:
At an intimate concert staged in our home at the end of October, some thirty guests were treated to the dulcit tones of the folk duet called “Naming The Twins.” The voices of Robbie Smith and Kathleen Glauser demonstrate remarkable balance and blend. Much of their repertoire is made up of original material written by Robbie, but the pair carefully craft their program to suit the audience at hand. At our event, for example, they included some “old chestnuts” that delighted an audience replete with nostalgic memories of the sixties and seventies. Robbie’s virtuosity on guitar, mandolin, banjo and violin adds depth and variety to the program, and the pleasant, engaging manner of both singers draws the audience into a warm, comfortable relationship between listener and performer. I can hardly wait to have them here again.
Hugh W. McKervill,

From a house concert host:

I recently hosted my first house concert. Since moving to the area, I had thought about ways to support and encourage local artists in all genres; clearly a house concert would be a way to support musicians. When I learned that Kathleen was part of a musical duo with the intriguing name of “Naming the Twins”, I suggested that she and Robbie might consider my house as a place to perform. To paraphrase Julius Caesar: they came, they performed, they conquered. The repertoire they performed consisted of a mixture of folk classics and some of Robbie’s own material. While they certainly did fair justice with their interpretations of the classics, it was with Robbie’s original material that they shone. He is a extremely talented lyricist who captures the essence of life as it is lived by and on the sea; and, Kathleen’s accompaniment on guitar and with her clear voice transmits that essence in its purest and most distilled form. I, and my guests, were well-entertained and captivated by “The Naming of the Twins”. I look forward to the next opportunity to have them perform in my home.
Harold McGee
Hunt’s Point

From the Osprey Arts Center:
Naming the Twins is a new folk duo out of Shelburne Nova Scotia. Robbie Smith and Kathleen Glauser is a lively pair who entertains with both well chosen covers and the very masterly originals by Smith.
On stage their interaction is witty and wry. Robbie is the lead singer on most tunes, with Kathleen livening them with her enthusiastic harmonies.
I was most impressed with their professionalism. Their sets were especially well crafted, with a mixture of intense songs like Cold Old River and upbeat numbers like Somedays. They brought down the house with their tongue in cheek version of the Trogg’s “Wild Thing.” The audience at the Osprey Arts Centre was delighted with their show.
Susan Hoover
Artistic director
Osprey Arts Centre
Shelburne, NS

From a house concert audience member:
I really had no idea what musically I was walking into Sunday. But I’m pretty open genre-wise. Decided to trust in ye olde ‘friend of a friend’ path.
I was delighted + charmed. Musically it was great. Some VERY tasty chords signing the changes; almost like flags for which emotion I’d be feeling in the next line (+ darn accurate ones!). Very nice blending on the voices!! Songs were sweet + very sincere. Kath, your 2 years on guitar has produced great results (to the point where it might cause someone to give up); clearly you’ve put a LOT of work in.
Music’s only part of the story though. I’ve caught too many musicians ‘phoning it in’. Worst was a guitarist playing a solo while watching a hockey game in a bar. Maybe the sad part was he did a decent job of it.
I found you two very engaging + entertaining. The music seemed a natural extension of your interaction with each other. I learned how to be a better entertainer Sunday, though I’ve yet to determine how to implement it in a classic rock cover band situation. I think the lesson can be summarized into “if you truly open your heart to people, they’ll be willing to eat out of the palm of your hand.”
David Muise, Halifax

From audience members – listeners
Manu, Jonathan & I heard your interview and songs today!! Wonderful interview, Robbie & Kathleen. Highlight for me (aside from listening to your songs!) was your comment, Kathleen, about Robbie: “you are music”. It gave me chills. I admire the respectful support you provide each other, and the passion you share for each other’s craft.
Catherine Fourdraine