I Think It’s Time – remastered (2021)

Robbie Smith’s debut album self-recorded and produced at the Round House in Jordan Falls, Nova Scotia. Released in 1986.

The original master tape has been digitally transferred and re-mastered in 2021 by J. LaPointe of Archive Mastering.

This work has been carried out as part of the Robbie Songs Project.

Available as a free download in digital format on Bandcamp – click here.

Rasta Man (2021)

Way back in 2009, we recorded this demo of “Rasta Man”, but it never made it onto an official album. In 2019, when Robbie was ill, he reminded me that this song was on a very old recording system. Alex and I were able to retrieve the song, Robbie got to hear it before he died, and now here it is for you to listen too, hope you enjoy,


Available for purchase in digital format on Bandcamp – click here.

Part of the Song (2019)

The lyrics in this song are hauntingly beautiful. If you had asked Robbie to write the perfect autobiographical song to be sung at his memorial, this would be it. He and Alex Buchanan would get together from time to time to “studio jam” and work on recording songs. Well, when Robbie got sick, Alex revisited what they had done on “Part of the Song” and found that it was nearly done. All he had to do was record his own vocals singing the bridge, then mix it down. Released August 4, 2019, music and words by Robbie Smith.

Available for purchase in digital format on Bandcamp – click here.

Sing the Winter Away (2018)

I’m sure many of you welcome a little seasonal music (though admittedly we sometimes grow weary of hearing the same tunes over and over and cringe at ornamental tackiness). Well, we would like to offer you a change. We spent 2018 writing, arranging, harmonizing and recording a fresh selection of all-original Winter/Christmas songs that we are so excited to share with you.

With titles like “When the Carols Began”, “Sing the Winter Away” and “Christmas on the Shrimp Boats” you’ll be hearing a breath of fresh folk air hopefully transporting you through many moods and taking you to many places – from tropical and Maritime sea ports to the frosty northern Klondike. Time travel with us as we go from Renaissance to spritely Cajun to pure folk styles!

In both of our hearts we regard this as a once in a lifetime project – with attention to every detail. We’re relaying many positive messages in the lyrics and we hope they will reach you wherever you may be.

Available for purchase in digital format on Bandcamp – click here – or in physical CD format by emailing Kathleen.

Turn Styles (2017)

This lovingly created album will surprise the listener with a mood-altering selection of song styles ranging from true folk, to pop, to country to art songs to sing-along songs with huge choruses.

It also features some tasty guitar licks by guest artist  Ryan Hupman.

A truly “made with love” project, the recording began with several winter sessions near Wolfville upon the suggestion of Shelburne’s own Hupman Brothers who brought in bass, drums and some free-ranging guitars to compliment the Twins’ organic sound. After that the basic tracks were brought back to Shelburne’s HarbourTone Productions where violin, viola, cello, harp, upright bass, wind instruments, mandolin, ukulele, keyboards, a myriad of percussion and more vocals were added.

Available for purchase in digital format on Bandcamp – click here – or in physical CD format by emailing Kathleen.

Drifters & Dreamers (2013)

Drifters and Dreamers will take you on a time-travelling, story unraveling journey that you’ll never forget [even with therapy].  But seriously, come join us as we go adventuring on a musical raft going back in time.  If you want a tender love song, we got it, if you want a rousing sea-faring number, we got it, if you want something new to sing along with – you’ve landed on the right page.  Our harmonies are our specialty but we have a full folky ensemble joining us on 6-string 12-string and 4 string guitars, cello, dulcimer, banjo, violin, mandolin, upright bass, flutes, whistles, accordion,  percussion, etc. No synths, no drum machines – all instruments on this album are ACOUSTIC cause that’s what we love.

Some of the songs were literally years in the writing and, after 5 months of practically living in a recording studio – we hope you’ll enjoy the results of our efforts. Produced by the Twins and Alex Buchanan of HarbourTone with kind assistance from Jude Pelley.

Available for purchase in digital format on Bandcamp – click here – or in physical CD format by emailing Kathleen.

Sweet Transitions (2010)

Sweet Transitions offers up a lush selection of truly original acoustic folk songs in a wide variety of styles from retro to renaissance, from dixieland to modern all with carefully crafted lyrics, singable melodies and fresh guy/gal harmonies. Produced by Paul Mills, Toronto.

Physical CD copies of this album are SOLD OUT, however “Sweet Transitions” is available for purchasing digitally.

Purchase in digital format on Bandcamp – click here.