Sweet Transitions Reviews

Coal Shed Music Festival

I CAN’T get “Dry Land” out of my head. I’ve been singing it on the “inside” since last Friday night. The whole CD is great, but “Dry Land” is a perfect Nova Scotia song. Stan Rogers would be proud.
Pam Matheson



Upon Reflection – Union Alley Coffee House, Washington, NC
From three audience members:
Dear Kathleen & Robbie,  What a terrific show you both put on on Saturday. it was truly enjoyable.  Also, only once before have we ever bought a CD after a live performance and felt pleased with it. Yours was an absolute treat. We have been playing it over and over.
Marlene remarked that star performers open a restaurant AFTER they become famous. You have done it in reverse, so nothing should hold back you and Robbie.!!!
Thanks again for many hours of such high quality music. By the way, Kathleen, we love the solos you chose to sing. Robbie , you are one talented person. Is there anything you cannot do musically?  Your delighted fans, Gloria, Sharon & Marlene
Lunenburg Bandstand

The songs are for the most part, part folk, jazz, traditional, old-fashioned, corny, reminiscent of something, sing-along-able and fun. In short, we love them, especially any of the compositions to do with the sea. Your tune for Sea Fever fits very well indeed.
There are hints of Gordon Lightfoot, Ian and Sylvia, James Fagan and Nancy Kerr, Chris de Burgh and Jim Stewart throughout the CD but mostly we love that you have written and performed the songs your way.
Bob and Linda Myers.

Night Kitchen Forever

From “Sing Out” Magazine:

First, to set the record straight, Robbie Smith and Kath Glauser, who are Naming the Twins, are unrelated. But with their well-matched voices, the two of them fraternize extremely well.
They are abetted by a very talented family of Curly Boy Stubbs (who expertly produced the CD), Tom Leighton, Chris Whiteley, Trevor Mills and others. Stubbs employs a very extended family of instruments – Celtic harp, piano, accordion, euphonium, acoustic and electric bass, banjo-ukulele and more.
Smith, an accomplished songwriter who has been recorded by many others and has recorded a couple of solo CDs, wrote or set to music all of the 13 songs on the CD.
One of the songs he set to music is John Maesfield’s “Sea Fever.” Strongly recommending the very folk-oriented Sweet Transitions are its upbeat energy and the fact that many of the songs, such as “Somedays” and “Oh Life,” are positive and uplifting.
“Dry Land” is a charming latterday sea shanty about longing for home that features an enchanting melody and refrain. The strongly gypsy-flamenco flavored “Gypsy Feast” moves the venue from the sea to a mountain top. “Winter Awakening” captures the solitude of that time of year with a renaissance flavor. “Catch Your Breath” is a lively 1920s-style marriage proposal.
This album never becomes boring or predictable no matter how many times you play it. It’s the perfect combination of strong performance, production and material, at once fun, interesting and musically fulfilling. — RWarr


“All Natural Ingredients” House Concert Series

After listening to your CD several, and I mean several, times trying to find my favourite cut, I have decided that is impossible.
Every time a new track starts I think – this is my favourite track. Until the next one!!!!!
So I finally had to identify my least-favourite track. It is:- “Lincoln Cathedral”. Eldon asked my why that was, so I told him!
“Because it is the last track and it means that I have to stop what I’m doing to start the CD again!”
Brenda Fitzgerald

Scott and I have had a most pleasant surprise. We’ve just listened, riveted, to your first CD, Sweet Transitions, and loved it!
Your pairing with Robbie is a brilliant example of ‘one and one makes three!’ the sum is greater than the parts, as it has been with Peter, Paul and Mary and many great duos. Your blending and versatility is charmingly refreshing in this current world of frenetic, non melodic noise and we very much look forward to hearing your second CD.
Penny Buzby

Sweet Transitions is as advertised – beautiful songs, beautifully performed and produced. This is a very high quality recording, and you must be very proud of it, as are all of us “Friends of the Twins”.
Garry Woodcock

Kathleen. I bought the cd at the cafe on Fri. the 11th. I really enjoyed it. Beautiful solos and beautiful harmonies.
Neil Thompson


Listening to your CD for the first time…..what a great production – vocals, instrumentation and you can really hear the FUN!
Well done & Congrats!
Christine vonMaydell


Picked up the CD last week at the shop … it is superb.
Belinda Robinson


From Spider Robinson:
I’m an American science fiction writer living in British Columbia. My beloved sister-in-law just gifted me with a copy of your splendid CD, and I wanted to write at once and tell you how much I’m enjoying it.

I’m old enough (62) to remember an all-too-brief musical movement, started by John Sebastian back in the 60s, called Good Time Music…and you folks are the first ones I’ve heard playing it in decades, now. THANK you for reviving it, even if you didn’t know that’s what you were doing. You totally made my day, and you give me hope for the future of music…and of me.

Thanks again for 52.5 minutes of pure enjoyment. Please pass my compliments to all your backup players, outstanding without exception.
Spider Robinson