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Ages Ago

Music by Robbie Smith
Words by Anne Smith

Ages ago when I was a child
There were fish in the ocean and beasts running wild
Family sharing the warmth of a home,
The freedom to roam
Now everything’s done but ages ago there was fun.

Ages ago when I was a youth
It was noble to seek after honour and truth
Challenge to tackle a prize to be won
A place in the sun
Then everything died but ages ago there was pride

“Read to me my dear grandfather
Can’t we stay a little longer
Can’t we stay until the twilight comes”

Ages ago, well, I took me a wife
There was wisdom, compassion and meaning to life
Loving our children then watching them go
The river must flow you know
Down to the sea, yes, ages ago we were free

Ages ago – well it seems like today
But the phantoms of time have tricks they must play
Old men and children can welcome a rest
From every day quest
Turning the pages of ages and ages ago
Ages ago my friend
Ages ago