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You’re Right Everything’s Wrong

Written by Robbie Smith

He wanted to leave his mark – set the world on its ear
So he decided to start with the local elections that year
He was all too familiar with the scandals and kickbacks and greed
And when people complained he just nodded his head & agreed

You’re right everything’s wrong
I know what it’s like – it’s been that way too long
They’re running this county – this country right into the ground
We’ve got to move quickly – some answers have got to be found

Well, he was new on the scene and he didn’t know where to begin
They said he was green and he didn’t stand a chance to get in
But he learned all about his community and the issues at hand
And if something went over his head he said: “I understand”

You’re right everything’s wrong
It’s time to speak out – we’ve been patient too long
They’ve brainwashed us all into thinking we can’t change a thing
But just lend your support and you’ll see what good government can bring

His opponents weren’t worried they said: “we’ll soon have him shakin’ in his boots”
They resorted to smear tactics – tried to uncover his roots
But he stood proud and firm cause his record was spotlessly clean
And he side-stepped the pitfalls cause his instincts were naturally keen
And he just kept on saying…

You’re right everything’s wrong
It’s that old party line and that same tired song
If I had a cent for every dollar they’ve spent on themselves
I’d get us all out of debt & put the bank-ledgers back on the shelves

Well, the old boys in power had just about counted him out
And in most of their minds the outcome was hardly in doubt
But – lo and behold – when all of the casting was done
He’d been voted in by a majority – good lord he had won

And from that day forth whenever people complained
Whenever scandal-clouds broke and heavy fallout rained
Each time his party seemed posed for an imminent fall
He’d face his constituents and explain to them all…

You’re wrong everything’s right
The future looks prosperous rosey and bright
Things have never been better and we did it together my friends
And they lived un-happily ever after cause this isn’t just a song
It’s the truth – and that’s how it ends