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Sonny and Sadie

Words and music by Robbie Smith

He’s a drinking man and a working man and a lover of the gin
And there’s no telling how many scapes he’s been in
He’s a gambler and a traveller and he’s partial to a fight
But he’s a fool for the ladies in the middle of the night

Well he fell in love with young Sadie
She’s the apple of every man’s eye
And while the band played Rosie O’Grady
Well he promised her then that he’d make her his bride

And she replied:
Listen Sonny you’ve got money but you don’t have love in your heart, for me –
Take it from me it’s easy to see,
Now when we’re ready we’ll go steady but ’til then this love in my heart, can’t be free –
Can’t you see –

Well he sat awhile and he thought awhile of his dancehall delight
And then he trimmed down his whiskers ’til til he thought they looked right (just right)
And he went to pray every sabbath day and he gave away his gin
And then he showed up one morning with some flowers and grin

And he said, here I am again Sadie
Put away all those dresses of red
I intend to make you a lady
With your own cozy home and your own feather bed

And she said:
Listen Sonny I’ll look funny walking down the aisle dressed in white, can’t you see –
Take it from me it’s hard to believe,
But when we marry and you carry me across the threshold of life, we’ll be free –
You and me –