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Sidewalk Stars

Written by Robbie Smith

Sidewalk stars – on sunset boulevard the sidewalk stars –
They came here searching for a promised pot of gold
But they’re growing old those sidewalk stars

Sidewalk stars – the ones who wanted fame and came so far
The lives they led were so much harder than we knew
For the chosen few – the sidewalk stars

Some found joy and some found glamour
Some of them even found love
Some made friends to share their laughter
But for some sweet stardom was never quite enough

For the sidewalk stars – yes, fame is fickle and it left its scars
Upon the faces that once graced the silver screen
Til their final scene – the sidewalk stars

Something meaningful, something magical –
Something of quality and grace
Something mem’rable yet something tragic
All that’s left are impressions but we still recall the faces

Of the sidewalk stars – the ones who gave their all
And left their mark –
Preserved forever in the movie reels of time
Still in their prime the sidewalk stars

Conjure up my boyhood mem’ries
Let them spring to life like flames
Hear familiar voices as they carry
Can you recall their names?
Fame’s timeless unforgettable names…

Rita Hayworth, Judy Garland, Clark Gable, Charlie Chaplin
Lana Turner, Humphrey Bogart, Errol Flynn… and Marilyn

Some found wealth and adoration
But there was a price to pay
Some lost their health – in isolation they ended their days they just faded away…

Oh, the sidewalk stars –
Swept by the furtive light of passing cars –
Their imprints deepen in the cool nostalgic night
In shadow-light the sidewalk stars,
In shadow-light the sidewalk stars,
In shadow-light the sidewalk stars