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Sad Solider Boy

Written by Robbie Smith

Where are you bound to my sad soldier boy?
Your eyes look so dark, have they never known joy?
There are sorrows a-plenty for soldiers to bear
But surely they know when a man’s had his share
Far more than his share

Sad soldier boy, I’ve clean sheets to unfold
And warm winter lodgings to soften the cold
And a night’s worth of love both to have and to hold
To keep long in your heart should you ever grow old
If they let you grow old

Oh, soldier boy come and rest in my arms
Let a sad woman’s love gently keep you from harm
There are tears in our hearts even love cannot dry
But so long as there’s love, ah, we mortals must try
And so shall we try

Sad soldier boy, can you manage a smile
With burdens and woes cast aside for a while
’Til the fighting resumes and you’re called to the fray
By high men in hiding whom you must obey
For they’ll not let you stay

Oh soldier boy you’re a long way from home
And though you are tired I know you must roam
For there’s orders to follow and muskets to load
And a foe to confront ‘round the bend of the road
So far down that road

Oh soldier boy if you’d marry me now
I would love you as much as these times would allow
Will you ever be free from your duty and pride?
Keeping all of your pain and your troubles inside
With so few to confide

Sad soldier boy may you safely return
For this flame once alit shall constantly burn
To ne’er be extinguished by distance or death
To glow on and on for as long as I’ve breath – For as long as I’ve breath