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Lincoln Cathedral

Written by Robbie Smith

I heard you were married in Lincoln Cathedral
Crowds in the courtyard, bells in the steeple
Carted and carried and brought to the altar
Kissed by your mother, held by your father

Over and over I read your reply –
heard you deny the love that once filled your eyes
A love that could never die – so brightly it filled your eyes
How could it ever die, how could it ever die?

Proudly they hailed you in Lincoln Cathedral
The rich and the hungry, young and the feeble
Voices proclaiming undying devotion
Power and glory spanning the ocean
Further and further we drifted apart
Hoping ’til now that somehow I’d touched your heart

Oh Lincoln Cathedral the kingdom applauds
A gift to your people and a blessing from God

Leaving the gateway of Lincoln Cathedral
Off to his palace stately and regal
Chandelier crystal and goblets of silver
Deep spacious rooms where candle-lights filter
Servants awaiting your every command
But you must obey the one who has claimed your hand
Oh Lincoln Cathedral -ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
Oh Lincoln Cathedral – ah -ah

Instrumental Break

Now the great halls are silent in Lincoln Cathedral
Cloistered in darkness safe from the people
And far in the distance a princess is weeping
Hiding a letter still in her keeping
Bound by tradition she’ll sleep by his side
His choice was made and so she must be his bride
Now she must be his bride keeping the truth deep inside
Now she must be his bride – casting her love aside