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Life is Just a Travelling Show

Words and music by Robbie Smith

Who is a failure and who’s a success?
You know the teachers want to know and so we’re taking a test
Inside my head I keep pacing the floor
The teachers tap their pens as they tally up the score

Don’t they know that life is just a travelling show?
Why won’t they just let me go?

You don’t have to force me to think and to learn
If you just give me some leeway my ambition will burn
You don’t have to tell me what’s right and what’s wrong
Just send me out in the world and I’ll try to get along

Cause I know that life is just a travelling show
Give me my freedom to grow

Books to encumber and lessons that bind
It’s seeking then finding that strengthens the mind
The key to survival is to think on your feet
The teachers can’t protect you when you’re out on the street alone

So I’m waiting for the travelling show
Please let me go – I’d rather just learn as I grow

Don’t give me problems you’ve already solved
The most important of problems are still unresolved
I’m looking behind – I should be looking ahead
How come you’re making me read what’s already been read

Youth is so fleeting like a dream during sleep
Impermanent beauty that no one can keep
Don’t imprison my youth in a guilt-plated cage
The goodness will wither – rebellion and rage will grow

‘Cause life is just a travelling show
Please let me go – oh, please let me go
Let me go-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh
On a travelling show
On a travelling show…

I’m wasting my time not using my gift
Studying a life that someone else has lived
History’s over so just let it die
When I’m weighted down with books my spirit can’t fly, oh no
So let me join the travelling show
Please let me grow – I’d rather just learn as I go

Life is a game that’s meant to be played
Don’t keep me on the sidelines ’cause I’m not afraid
My soul isn’t crippled – I don’t need a crutch
Why won’t you take off my training wheels, I’m moving much too slow

I want to join the travelling show
Give me some freedom to grow

Youth is a river that grows from a stream
But you’re damming the river and controlling all my dreams
The water will stagnate – its strength will be spent
I know that youth is a river – a river that was meant to flow

And Life is just a travelling show
I’m climbing aboard now, let’s go

A lesson on the seven wonders of this land
I just want the freedom to see them first hand
Lower the drawbridge over the mote
Let me out of this castle ‘cause I’ve got some wild oats to sow

I wanna join the travelling show
Ah please let me go, oh please let me go, let me go –

I still want to discover I still want to learn
I’m just jumping ahead now and taking my turn
To keep moving outward like the spokes of a wheel
Keep turning with the world and seeing what is real

I feel the need to be windborn – to truly survive
And I’ve been patiently waiting for my freedom to arrive
Second hand knowledge means little to me
I’ve got to look for myself and then maybe I will see
Maybe I will see, maybe I will see…

Feelings have surfaced that need to be felt
I need to start living while I’ve still got my health
Life is a struggle and maybe I’ll fail
Ah, but after I falter well then maybe I’ll prevail and grow

I’m leaving with the travelling show
Come on, give me your blessings – I’d rather just learn as I grow

I can’t stop to argue – I’m pulling up stakes
Taking more risks and making more mistakes
I’ve got the soul of a gypsy – I’m thirsty for more
Than sitting at a desk on the wrong side of the door

Cause I know that life is just a travelling show –
Dry your eyes – I’ll try to leave you laughing ‘fore
I go – wo, wo…

Life is a cycle and soon I’ll be gone
Just like a dimly lit mem’ry turning off and then on
But don’t be upset – don’t be grieving my friend
Because I know in my heart that it won’t be the end – no, no

Life is just a travelling show
There’s another show further down the road
Where we’ll go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh – on a travelling show
Oh-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh – on a travelling show
Oh – on a travelling show – ooh – on a travelling show…