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Layers of Joy

Words and music by Robbie Smith

On the first day of school we marched in from the playground on parade
Most of us were feeling glum and some were even afraid
But the teacher looked at us fondly as she picked up her chalk with ease
She began drawing pictures of flowers and squirrels and trees

Layers of joy – there was so much for us to do
She taught us to see what she saw and to draw what she drew
Learning wasn’t hard – it was as fun as a brand new toy
She was filling up our eyes with layers and layers of joy

Well, the wall at the back of the room looked so gloomy and bare
Just a few leftover thumbtacks scattered here and there
So we filled it up with all sorts of artwork – proudly on display
With a big, friendly sign that said: “have a nice day!”

Layers of joy – ev’ry day brought a new surprise
Lesson after lesson dressed up in disguise
Until a smile touched the face of every girl and boy
Pictures of our childhood – layers and layers of joy

And then I joined the choir – boys singing lower, girls singing higher
The world opened up with sound and the sound seemed to set us free
And as we searched for each melody, we felt like a team – like a family
Imperfect voices in an imperfect world singing perfect harmony

Layers of joy – there was a song in our hearts to sing
We knew what the music could do – what the message could bring
There was strength in our voices and life was ours to enjoy
As the music came together in layers and layers of joy

Now when we think about our minds, they’re a lot like the blackboards in school
They need to be filled with the right kind of thoughts and rules
It does us all good to be giving and caring and kind
Each time we make someone happy it leaves a good impression in our minds

With Layers of joy – there is so much that we can do
Take something old and add something shiny and new
We have hope for the future no one can ever destroy
We are filling up our lives with layers and layers… (Ah, layers and layers)
Filling up our lives with layers and layers of joy!