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Lay Down Your Weapons

Music by Robbie Smith
Words Robbie Smith and Kathleen Glauser

Lay down your weapons lay down your arms
Turn swords into ploughshares battlefields to farms
Our King has decreed no more vict’ries to claim
As soft words are spoken to honour His name…
Soft words to honour His name

Lay down your longbow and crossbow and mace
Silence the cannon in this now sacred space
No shield and no armour – no lance and no spear
Content with embracing the peace we’ve found here…
Embracing the peace we’ve found here

Who was our teacher? What was his creed?
Did he not speak of giving in the absence of greed?
Have we lost our bearings from where we began?
Were we not meant to love our fellow man?


Peasant and servant nobleman and king
Shall dine at one table and there shall we sing
Until we find dominion within Love’s domain
Restoring what we’ve lost in the name of gain

Lay down your weapons – no lives shall we take
No wrongs to commit for righteousness sake
Bring hope to the healers no fresh wounds to bind
The folly of warfare we now leave behind…
Leave it all far behind


Call back your soldiers from far off Crusades
Let them no more speak of battle, to live on unafraid
Lest we forget the value of one soldier’s life
The riches of this Earth aren’t worth the sacrifice

So lay down your weapons (lay down your weapons)
Lay down your arms (lay down your arms)
Lay down your weapons (lay down your weapons)
All your weapons and lay down, lay down, lay down your arms
So return all crusaders, cause no further harm
(Lay down your arms)
Lay down your weapons, your weapons, your arms