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Klondike Christmas

Words and music by Robbie Smith

The moon paved a road cross the lake
And the snow covered ground
While an old man with a dog-team and a sleigh
Made his way to the town

In the course of his travels he’d seen better days
His clothes were in tatters and his whiskers all grey
He’d been travelin’ hard now for many long days
Tired but still whistling away

I brushed off the snow from my mittens
And walked to his side
I’d been splitting firewood for the party
And dinner that night

The music of Chrismas was all that we heard
A tear caught the moonlight from the joy it had stirred
We had met and were friends without saying a word
As we welcomed him in to our home


The night was spent singing and telling
The stories of old
And the candles and the fire and our warm hearts
Had kept out the cold

But when morning had blossomed the old man had gone
His leaving un-noticed in the cold wintery dawn
In my dog’s little stocking some hard tack he’d hung
And in mine was a nugget of gold