How we got together

Four years ago Robbie Smith and Kathleen Glauser sang their first song together. Previous to 2008, Robbie was making music with various groups and, when he really had to, on his own.  He had been part of several recordings including, a solo LP in 1985 called “I Think It’s Time”, another in 1987 titled “Moving Portraits” and, in 2006, a fully produced CD titled “Retro Debut”.

Rob and Kath

Meanwhile, Kath was paying very little attention to her innate musical abilities.  It wasn’t until a group of women organized a special concert titled “Song Enchanted Evening” and invited her to sing, did she suddenly realize that she could flap and fly on the wings of harmony.  It was one of those “exclamation points flying out of your head” moments for Kath and it spurred her on towards developing her talent.

Enter Robbie.  At the restaurant where Kathleen cheerfully chats with and seats her customers, a birthday was being planned.  Robbie was requested to provide the entertainment, and, in the weeks preceding the event, Robbie struck up a few musical conversations with Kath and when he heard her sing – thought – she’s a natural with a great sense of harmony and timing  – why wasn’t she doing more with those abilities.

The upshot was – Robbie began working with Kath – and Kath began learning Robbie’s songs and together they began working out vocal arrangements.  Their first gig was that very birthday celebration in the restaurant t – then they started to get chances to play other places – and, with a lot of hard work, an investment in a considerable amount of rehearsal time, and some great food provided by Kath’s husband,  Roli, things really got rollin’.