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Written by Robbie Smith

Find the gullwind in the harbour
Trace the tideline on the water – read the signs
Catch the fish with lure and line bamboo pole and golden twine
See the starfish shine

Paddle lightly through the narrows
Out beyond the shoals and shallows… drifting free
Out to where the floats are strung
All around my nets are hung deep with plenty
Laden deep with plenty
See the riches that have been sent me… from the sea

And a pellican cries as the dolphins rise
Into the clear blue skies

See the minnows gently splashing
Scales below the surface flashing… silver white
Soon the larger fish will come
‘neath my boat the schools will run… sleek and slender
Oh, so sleek and slender
As the soothing sun surrenders to the night

Instrumental passage

Hear the wavelets softly lapping
Sails unfurled and slowly flapping in the wind
Oh, my boat upon the currents ride
Carried on the restless tide to the mainland
Over to the mainland
There to touch upon the warm sand… once again