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Catch Your Breath

Written by Robbie Smith

Catch your breath cause I’m comin’ ta get ya
Don’t get gloomy cause I won’t let ya
I won’t let that smile turn to a frown
It was a picnic basket day when I met ya
Blow a kiss to the sun then let the night wind spread
Its velvety blanket down upon the ground

And that’s where we’ll lie neath the inky blinky starlit sky
Watch the moon and the clouds play hide and seek
And that’s when we’ll sigh ba ba ba blinky blinky eye to eye
Mmmm…no need to speak cause we’ll be milky silky cheek to cheek

I’m rollickin’ frolickin’ yours for the pickin’
Got heals that are getting’ an urge to start clickin’
My chin’s never been so high above the ground
I’m a regular Einstein with you standing next to me –
Equation: I plus you equals ecstasy
Albert E’s got nothin’ on me whenever you’re around


I’m the opposite of solemn and uncommonly lucky
Cupid’s arrow has finally struck me –
Up until now he’d always missed the mark
I’m naturally high and undeniably happy –
If I get more euphoric you really should slap me
You’re good for my soul let’s go for a stroll down to Palisades Park

And that’s where we’ll stay snuggly cuddly huggly on display
Like two stuffed prizes in a penny arcade
And that’s when we’ll kiss – slip our lips together just like this
Sippin’ music like cool orangeade – a tuneful spoonin’ serenade

You’re tops in a league of your own with no equals
If you were a book I’d want two dozen sequels
The nearest competition’s a distant 2nd place
I’m academically lacking it’s held me back a bit
But physically willing to make up for it
Park yourself a little bit closer til we’re face to face

And that’s where we’ll be when I propose to you on bended knee
With some shiny shiny diamond earrings for your ears
And that’s when you’ll see our serious/silly destiny
Stretching out way out through the years
As that magic wedding day draws nears