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Candy Lady

Words and music by Robbie Smith

Eyes like diamonds, lips like rubies
Emeralds in her hair
Once a starlet in the movies
Now she’s a devil-may-care

And she’ll laugh and she’ll lure you away
To her magic mansion secret hideaway
(hideaway, hideaway, hideaway)

Whispered phrases, painted lipstick
Champagne-scented lies
Passion princess, jaded mystic
Keeps you at bay with her eyes

And she’ll sigh and she’ll drive you insane
Til you can’t resist her
Now you’re just fair game
(play the game, play the game, play the game)


Eyes like almonds, lips like cherries
Lemon-coloured hair
Candy lady loves to tease you
Enter her den if you dare

And you’re trapped in her widow’s web
Like a fallen angel
Laugh until you’re dead
(til you’re dead, til you’re dead, until you’re dead)